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Cincinnati Collaborative Women's Network

Women are a growing presence in the workplace, in business ownership, and in community leadership. They are more often the caregivers and Chief Financial Officers for their families. Single women and mothers with special family circumstances have unique, often unarticulated, needs.


When you improve the lives of women, you improve the lives of families and communities exponentially.

That is the sentiment at the heart of the Cincinnati Collaborative Women’s Network, or “CinCWN,” a collaborative of women with a mission to serve the needs of women in Cincinnati, Kentucky & Indiana area. CinCWN is an expanding network of resources committed to educate, connect, and support the women who choose to connect. All women are welcome to become members!  


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Our Vision

Our Mission

To awaken the passion of aspiring women entrepreneurs and women in transition through strategic workshops and meaningful networking to achieve professional development and growth.


Becoming the premier business resource to help women entrepreneurs achieve a sustainable business endeavor.


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