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CinCWN is built on the premise of five pillars of our work lives that come together to form the whole career-centered person. From understanding one’s own professional development and particular wealth strategies, to the importance of our health and taking time for creative lifestyle interests, to finally understanding those with special needs in our lives. We ask every member to become part of a pillar and lend their talents, their knowledge, and their time to help others in the organization to grow and realize their full potential.

Five Resource Pillars

1. Professional Development

2. Health

3. Lifestyle

4. Wealth

5. Special Needs

Professional Development

This pillar is the pillar designed to assist women in their growth and development of either their professional or personal life. The woman who has a buried passion that she’s not been able to detect yet or the business woman who aspires to run her own business. The Gold Members in this group have knowledge, expertise, and information that they are looking to share. They are willing to work with, mentor, help build confidence and teach others how to achieve the success they desire to grow forward. They also work amongst themselves to improve in areas that are not their strong suit taking the time to learn from the other women in the pillar as well. This pillar will provide one seminar for the group per year, however; they will have the ability to host classes on the topics that they have expertise in while earning additional income via the courses they offer.


This pillar will focus on educating the group about treating certain illnesses, eating healthy, exercise, basically living a healthy lifestyle. They too will have the opportunity to teach, train, offer classes outside of the required once a year seminar. Again having the ability to earn additional monies when offering the classes whether it’s Yoga, cardio workouts, cooking class, an educational/informative class on how to take care of newborns to the elderly, dementia patients, Alzheimer’s, etc. Any opportunity to share knowledge that will benefit a group of interested participants. This pillar will also provide one seminar for the group each year.


This pillar will focus on a variety of areas, from youth and young adults, spiritual book clubs, single moms, newly widowed, newly divorced, or new single empty nesters. We will discuss self-esteem, fashion, makeup, housewares, jewelry, arts and crafts, cooking, with lots of How-to’s as well.  It will cover the Body, Soul & Spirit as a whole entity. We look forward to this pillar providing a seminar for the group each year.


This pillar will have a true focus on teaching women about saving, budgeting, understanding estate taxes, investments, credit, how to create wealth, moving taxable funds to non-taxable funds, preparing for retirement, long-term care options, understanding Social Security, Medicare and all the financial implications of decisions. How to read your investment statements, etc. No matter what questions you may have in the Wealth area, we have an expert to help you. This pillar will also provide one seminar for the group each year.

Special Needs

The Special Needs group will be women who have a desire to educate us on different medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism, Sickle Cell Anemia, childhood cancer, breast cancer, even prostate cancer for those of us who will need to care for our husbands, brothers, sons, or fathers. We will learn to understand the facts and the challenges of these conditions so that if or when the time comes for us to stand strong for others, we will be educated and compassionate and know where to turn for help.

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